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Scientific Facilities & Services

WHOI offers a variety of facilities and services for use by external groups and organizations. Our services and facilities include:

» Analytical
» Imaging
» Sea-going science support
» Skilled trades

Technology Transfer & Licensing

Contact: David Knaack • dknaack@whoi.edu • (508) 289-3556
WHOI has an active Technology Transfer and Licensing program. The Institution licenses its technologies and inventions to interested parties, and has spun out multiple start up companies. [MORE]

Industry Partnerships

Contact: Larry Madin • lmadin@whoi.edu • (508) 289-2515
The Institution provides our industry partners with connections in the worlds of research, engineering, and education that only a global leader in scientific research and ocean exploration can provide.

Vendors & Contractors

Contact: procurement@whoi.edu • (508) 289-2371
The Institution works with a variety of outside vendors and contractors both in our business and research operations. [ MORE ]

Shipping & Receiving

Contact: Steve Senior • ssenior@whoi.edu • (508) 289-2355
WHOI's experienced Transportation Department can help with your Domestic or International Shipping needs. We are also well versed in hazardous materials regulations. [ MORE ]

Image & Video Licensing

Contact: Media Relations • media@whoi.edu • (508) 289-3340
WHOI maintains a catalog of images and video that are available for licensing. Please contact us if you are interested in using an image or video, or search our ImageSource database.

Employment Opportunities

Contact: Ann Sweck • employment@whoi.edu • (508) 289-2253
We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities at WHOI. To learn about the different opportunities please go to the Institution's Career Center website.

» WHOI Position on Research Independence and Integrity

Last updated: June 17, 2015