NDSF Vehicles

The National Deep Submergence Facility builds and operates vehicles that take scientists or a "scientific presence" deep beneath the surface to observe, sample, and conduct experiments.

HOV Alvin

Alvin is a 3-person research submarine that takes scientists deep into the ocean. Since its launch in 1964, the Alvin has enabled more than 2,500 scientists, engineers, and observers to visit the floor of the deep sea.

ROV Jason/Medea;

Jason/Medea is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system funded by the National Science Foundation and designed and built by WHOI’s Deep Submergence Laboratory. A 10-kilometer (6-mile) tether relays electrical power, control signals, data and live video imagery between a surface ship and the vehicle.

AUV Sentry

The autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Sentry is following in the wake of its predecessor, ABE, as a fully autonomous underwater vehicle capable of exploring the ocean down to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) depth.