About the SFP process


In 2015, the Institution embarked on a comprehensive study of its buildings and infrastructure to address its deferred maintenance issues and better enable decisions on current improvements, as well as to strategically plan to replace or refurbish aging facilities and to anticipate future facility needs.

Under the leadership of Jeffrey Fernandez, WHOI vice president for operations and chief financial officer, and Dave Derosier, WHOI director of facilities and services, WHOI engaged architects and planners from Dewing Schmid Kearns (DSK) and internal teams to evaluate current and future space uses and facility needs and to develop a Strategic Facility Plan (SFP).

The Department Chairs and the senior management team meet regularly with DSK to guide and oversee the process, help forecast WHOI facility needs, propose ideas and provide input on timelines to repair and/or build infrastructure.

Driving Forces

The approaching end-of-life of the Iselin Dock is a large driver for what the future waterfront will look like, and will have cascading impacts for the rest of the Institution. Some of the options arising from the waterfront planning will be discussed at the feedback sessions being held in Jan.

The 48-year-old dock is reaching the end of its designed lifespan, bringing with it ever increasing maintenance costs. Our dock replacement and waterfront planning will include contingency plans for relocating existing dock operations to other places on WHOI campuses, some of which will be temporary. Decisions will be led by the principles of land-use and cost efficiencies, preservation of the character of our campuses, and enabling the intellectual creativity of WHOI science and engineering for the next twenty to fifty years.  

In 2017, we plan to undertake a dock feasibility study with the following scope:

  • Investigate the options and constraints for the new dock, bulkhead and adjacent buildings
  • Develop preliminary design of the new dock and bulkhead
  • Develop preliminary design of new Iselin building(s)
  • Identify all required permits and develop a permitting plan
  • Prepare a project budget
  • Prepare a project schedule
  • Develop a scoping document for permitting, engineering and architectural design services
  • Develop a plan to engage our stakeholders, including the WHOI constituency, our research partners and collaborators and the greater Woods Hole, Falmouth and Cape Cod communities.
  • Prepare a final report