WHOI/OCCI Climate [Ex]Change Lecture Series

Speakers from outside WHOI discuss the many, varied, and often surprising ways their professional work overlaps with ocean and climate science.
Beginning May 2015

OCCI Climate Retreats

OCCI intends to host a climate science retreat each year. The focus of these annual retreats will be on a different topic or region, and will allow WHOI scientists to present their research on that topic. We will allocate time at these retreats for discussions of possible new proposals and initiatives that cross disciplinary boundaries and expertise. It is expected that participants will be willing to contribute to defining strategies and synthesizing WHOI’s strengths for pursuing research in this region in the context of larger community goals and interests.

Communicating Climate Science Workshop

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
A workshop presented by the AAAS to learn how to improve public communication and outreach skills.

Watching the Arctic Melt: Adventures in Polar Oceanography

November 19, 2012 at MIT
Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and MIT met recently to discuss what’s happening at the top of the world, how we know about it, and why it matters.

Southern Ocean and Climate Lecture Series

February - June, 2011
The WHOI OCCI Lecture Series will provide students and scientists with a multifaceted appreciation of the role of the Southern Ocean in climate and foster cross-disciplinary interactions.

Symposium on Arctic Sea Ice and Climate

November 5 - 7, 2008
This International Symposium on Arctic Sea Ice and Climate took place on November 5, 6 and 7, 2008 in Woods Hole at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The major themes of the meeting were physical and biological parameters and mechanisms in a changing Arctic climate.

Symposium on Ocean Iron Fertilization

September 26 - 27, 2007
The knowledge that we can possibly change atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and climate, by adding iron to the ocean, and the fact that there are now plans underway to do this on a commercial basis, has led to considerable uncertainty and disagreement as to whether we should move ahead with ocean iron fertilization on large scales, or whether this would do more harm than good.

Arctic Climate Seminar Series

September 2005 - July 2007
The major goals of this seminar series are to provide WHOI scientists and students with the basic knowledge about the most important problems of climate variability in the Arctic, and to enhance their ability and increase their participation in finding the solutions to these problems.

Southern Ocean Mixing Workshop

November 14-15, 2005
A group of physical oceanographers in the U.S. and U.K. have identified mixing processes in the Southern Ocean as a critical climate research question. An experiment has been conceived to investigate Isopycnal and Diapycnal Mixing processes in the Southern Ocean (DIMES). In order to focus the science questions and coordinate U.S. and U.K. field program ideas and proposal plans, a workshop at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will be held on November 14-15 in Carriage House.

American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference

July 24 - 27, 2005
Oceanic Biogenic Fluxes as Drivers of the Marine Carbon Cycle and Global Climate Change, Past and Future
*Co-sponsored by OCCI and AGU

Indian Ocean Seminar Series

August 8-19, 2005
This seminar series will bring to WHOI world-renowned experts on Indian Ocean oceanography, meteorology, paleo-oceanography, the societal impacts of Indian Ocean variability, and the value to society of improved understanding of the role of the Indian Ocean in climate.

Freshwater Forcing of Climate 8200 Years Ago

October 10, 2003
As concern about the magnitude and rate of future climate change looms, it becomes increasingly important to understand the mechanisms underlying past abrupt climate change events.

Visiting Summer Scholar Program

Summer 2002
During the summer of 2002, the Ocean and Climate Change Institute hosted four Visiting Summer Scholars to address the role of the oceans in abrupt climate change.

Ocean Forum on Abrupt Climate Change

November 11, 2002
The concurrent goals of this forum were to: assess what we know and need to know about abrupt climate change; stimulate creative scientific thinking and collaboration; devise strategies to launch promising research, and foster dialogue between the scientific community and the public.