Ocean Exploration Institute Fellows


Institute Fellows are selected based on their scientific leadership, their interest and ability to participate in interdisciplinary research, and their ability and willingness to communicate the importance of the Institute's research to the public and policy makers in government.

Current Fellow: John "Chip" Breier

Fellow Term:  September '11 - August '14
John “Chip” Breier, an assistant scientist in Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, is a geochemist and ocean engineer. He uses samples collected from the rising plumes of deep-sea hydrothermal vents to understand the transfer of material and chemical energy between the earth’s crust and the ocean. Chip will use his fellowship to develop global scale estimates and models of these interactions based on our current understanding. In addition, in an effort to fill the major knowledge gaps still remaining in this area of research, he will organize a community effort to undertake large flux studies at the vent-field scale – the scale over which fluxes must be integrated to allow for extrapolation to the global ocean.

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