Archived Initiatives

Harmful Algal Blooms Initiative

Coastal Ocean Institute
Harmful algal blooms represent a significant threat to fisheries, public health, and economies around the world.

North Atlantic/Arctic Climate Initiative

Ocean and Climate Change Initiative
The North Atlantic/Arctic Climate Initiative studies to explore processes that create and maintain the Arctic halocline, control how waters sink and mix in subpolar ocean basins to form the Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC) and affect the circulation of waters between the northern and tropical Atlantic, south via the DWBC and north via the surface Gulf Stream.

Tropical Research Initiative

Ocean Life Institute
The Tropical Research Initiative’s purpose is to support multi-disciplinary research and technological advances in tropical regions around the world.

North Atlantic Right Whale Initiative

Ocean Life Institute
A multi-year initiative in collaboration with the New England Aquarium to support scientific research that has direct application to right whale conservation issues.