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Scientists working in the Ocean Institutes develop initiatives in order to galvanize interest, expertise and action around the ocean's most pressing needs. These initiatives bring together researchers from several disciplines, working in a specific timeframe. Sometimes launched by Institute funding, these projects often leverage greater federal and private support.

Ocean Acidification Initiative

A Cross-Institute Initiative
The Ocean Acidification Initiative is a multi-year research program designed to answer urgent questions about the potentially devastating impacts of an increasingly acidic ocean on the marine food web and fisheries and the societal repercussions of these environmental changes.

Phoenix Islands Initiative

Ocean Life Institute
Studying the coral reef ecosystem in the Phoenix Island Protected Area.

Ocean Ridge Initiative

Deep Ocean Exploration Institute
Created in 2008, the Ocean Ridge Initiative is a focused research program dedicated to gaining a holistic understanding of the global Mid-Ocean Ridge system and unraveling its geological, chemical and biological mysteries.

Arctic Research Initiative

Ocean and Climate Change Institute
The Arctic Research Initiative is a $10 million grant spread over years, making possible the Institution’s first large-scale, integrated research initiative—a multi-year effort to study the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding environments.