Ocean and Climate Change Institute Fellows


Institute Fellows are selected based on their scientific leadership, their interest and ability to participate in interdisciplinary research, and their ability and willingness to communicate the importance of the Institute's research to the public and policy makers in government.

New Moltz Fellow: Jake Gebbie

Fellow Term: June '15 - May '19
Jake Gebbie is an Associate Scientist in the Department of Physical Oceanography. He is motivated by the fact that the ocean has stored about 30 times more heat than the atmosphere over the last 50 years. His research aims to reconstruct how the ocean funnels heat away from the atmosphere by tapping into the large reservoir of the deep ocean. As the Moltz Fellow, he will focus on closing a key knowledge gap: how has the ocean's role in trapping and transporting heat varied over the last century and longer? This project will rely upon the novel combination of physical oceanography and paleoceanography, and a consideration of both the global energy and carbon cycles. Understanding how the ocean has operated over the past few hundred years is a prerequisite to understanding how the ocean will shape the climate of the 21st Century.   

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