Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

December 27, 2014

A frightening tool to fight oil spills?

CNN Opinion
December 25, 2014

EPA is behind the curve on testing of oil dispersants

Houston Chronicle
November 2, 2014

BP Spill Left Big Oily 'Bathtub Ring' on Seafloor

Sci-Tech Today
August 11, 2014

Research Reveals Oil is Not Well

American Live Wire
April 30, 2013

The Challenges of Disaster Follow-up Research

Living Lab-WCAI
January 24, 2013

Panelists review oil disaster studies

The Advocate
November 16, 2012

Scientists: Record temps will alter landscape

Cape Cod Times
June 20, 2012

Living Lab: Chris Reddy

WCAI NPR station
June 15, 2012

BP subpoenas scientists records over Deepwater Horizon disaster

PM With Mark Colvin- ABC News
June 13, 2012

Reply to all

June 8, 2012

WHOI in center of legal firestorm

Cape Cod Times
June 8, 2012

The Oil Spill's Threat to Academic Freedom

Living on Earth
June 5, 2012

BP Subpoenas Scientist Emails

The Scientist
June 4, 2012

BP Goes After Scientists Who Helped Them During the Gulf Oil Disaster

The Equation blog- Union of Concerned Scientists
March 26, 2012

BP oil spill sullied sea floor coral: Study

Straits Times
January 21, 2012

Clean Start: January 20, 2012


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