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River sampling

Upriver Gang

Every other month since March, students and researchers lead by WHOI marine geochemist Bernhard Peuker-Ehrenbrink have taken water and sediment samples from four rivers in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In the same way that doctors monitor a patient’s health by analyzing blood chemistry, the researchers observe the "health" of the rivers by studying the chemical composition and other water properties. The trip in July included students, shown here, from the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship and WHOI/MIT Joint Program. Other volunteers, supported by a grant from the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, come from Save The Bay in Rhode Island. "It's a unique experience to work in a group where everyone does a little piece of the big puzzle," Peuker-Ehrenbrink said. "Besides, it's always fun to work on rivers." (Photo by Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution )


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