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Rachel Stanley

»Patchiness in Net Community Production
»Microphytobenthos Photosynthesis
»Apparent Oxygen Utilization Rates
»Biological Production in Western Equatorial Pacifific
»Improved Air-Sea Gas Exchange Parameterization
»Measuring Noble Gases
»Design Experiment: Air-Sea Gas Exchange
»Neutrally Buoyant Sediment Traps
»Tritium in Trees
»Heavy Metals in Trees
»Clumping of Oligonucleotides

D.J. Brabander N.Keon R.H.R. Stanley H.F. Hemond, Intra-ring variability of Cr, As, Cd, and Pb in red oak revealed by secondary ion mass spectrometry: Implications for environmental biomonitoring., Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 96(25): 14635-14640., 1999

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