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An Analysis of the Socio-Economic Impacts of Red Tide Events in Maine


D. Jin (WHOI); H.L. Kite-Powell (WHOI); M. Ratzel (Independent)

We are evaluating the economic impacts of red tide (Alexandrium spp.) events on the Maine shellfish industry, including the wild harvest (digging or dredging) and aquaculture (growing) of soft-shell clams, mussels, quahogs, ocean quahogs, and oysters, at regional (i.e., county-level) scales by season and by species. We plan to produce an economic impact model that can be used to predict the economic effects of future shellfish harvest closures.

Jin, D. and P. Hoagland.  2008.  The value of HAB predictions to the commercial shellfish fishery in the Gulf of Maine.  Harm. Alg. 7(6):772-781.

Jin, D., E. Thunberg and P. Hoagland.  2008.  Economic impact of the 2005 red tide event on commercial shellfish fisheries in New England. Oc. & Coast. Mgmt. 51(5):420-429.

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