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Jeff Kaeli

»Kaeli & Singh
»PhD Thesis 2013
»Antarctic Science 2012
»Oceans 2011
»Oceans 2006

J.W. Kaeli and H. Singh, Illumination and Attenuation Correction Techniques for Underwater Robotic Optical Imaging Platforms, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, In Review

We demonstrate a novel method of correcting illumi- nation and attenuation artifacts in underwater optical imagery. These artifacts degrade imagery and hinder both human analysis as well as automated classification algorithms. Our approach estimates separately the attenuation coefficient of the water column and the beam pattern of the illumination source using sequences of overlapping color images and acoustic ranges from a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). These values are then used in the correction step to remove color and intensity artifacts with the overarching goal of more consistent results for input into classification algorithms. 

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