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» STRATUS- Chile

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» VOCALS- Chile 2008

» KAUST- Red Sea , Saudi Arabia

» ANDRILL- Antarctica

» BASC- Arctic

» Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone- Iceland to Greenland

» Marine Specimen Collector- Woods Hole

» NGM- Harp Seals Canada

» NGM- Underwater Ireland

» NGM- New Zealand's Marine Reserves

» NGM- Right Whales- Bay of Fundy


As part of the Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate (EPIC) program, the UOP group has undertaken a study of Long-Term Evolution and Coupling of the Boundary layers in the Stratus Deck regions of the eastern tropical Pacific. The goal of the Stratus project is to observe and understand air-sea interactions and the surface forcing in the region of the cold tongue/intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ).

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