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Mike Carlowicz and Andrea Baird, Caught in the middle of the Marine Mammal Protection Act: A law designed to protect animals sometimes hinders research that could help them, Oceanus, 29 March 2006

Energy, shipping, and naval interests claim the Marine Mammal Protection Act hampers their ability to work in the sea and want the law revised so they can operate with fewer restrictions. Environmentalists and animal rights advocates point to recent mass strandings of whales and dolphins that coincided with sonar noise. They are loathe to see changes that could weaken a law they already view as riddled with loopholes. In between are the scientists. They would like to help conservationists find tools and strategies to protect marine creatures. They would like to help the military and industry work more efficiently and less harmfully in the ocean. Mostly, they’d just like to better understand the ocean environment and the animals in it. Read more here >>

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