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Peter T. Madsen

Curriculum Vitae


Born august 12, 1975, Danish citizen, not married, no children, non-permanent resident of the US .



BSc. (1997),  M.Sc. (2000), PhD. at the Dept. of Zoophysiology, Institute of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University, November 5, (2002). ”Sperm whale sound production”.



Post doc. at Dr. Roger Payne’s lab at the Ocean Alliance (MA, USA ) and Chief Scientist of the RV Odyssey working in the Indian Ocean . (November 11, 2002 –   October 15, 2003 )

Post doc. at Dr. Peter Tyack’s lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MA, USA ) (October 15, 2003 - current).


Honors and scholarships:

High School book award of Excellence (1994), PhD. Scholarship from the Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus (1998), Post doc. grant from Danish National Science Research Council and Ocean Alliance (2002), Receiver of  Honors award for being the best graduating PhD student from the Faculty of  Science at the University of Aarhus in 2002 (2003). Post. doctoral scholarship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2003-2004).


International Collaborators:

Peter L. Tyack and Mark Johnson (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA), Whitlow Au (Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology, USA), Sam Ridgway (Space and Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, USA), Roger Payne (Ocean Alliance, USA), Walter Zimmer (NATO Undersea Research Center, La Spezia, Italien), Mats Amundin (Linkjoebing University, Sweden), Bertel Moehl and Magnus Wahlberg (Dept. of Zoophysiology, University of Aarhus, Denmark).


Field work:

Norway, 4 months (1998,2000), Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea, 1 month (2001), Seychelles, 1.5 month, chief scientist (2002), Maldives, 2 months, chief scientist (2003), Sri Lanka, 3 months, chief scientist (2003), Eastern US seaboard, 1.5 month (2003) Mediterranean, 0.5 month (2003), Ligurian Sea, 1.5 months, chief scientist (2004)


Presentations at international meetings and conferences:

ASA (Berlin , 1999), ICA (Rome , 2001), MMC (Vancouver , 2001), DHM (Århus, 2002), IOMACH (Sri Lanka , 2003), SERDP (Washington DC , 2003), CACA (Maryland , 2003), ECS (Sweden , 2004), ASA (New York , 2004).


Invited talks:

HIMB (Hawaii , 2001), SSC (San Diego , 2001), CSC/SDU (Odense , 2001, 2003), MMS (New Orleans , 2003), NFMS (Woods Hole 2003), WHOI-Ocean Life Lectures (Woods Hole, 2003), UNCW (Wilmington , 2004).



More than 35 lectures in vertebrate zoology, animal physiology and marine biology at various undergraduate and graduate courses at the Biological Institute, University of Aarhus from 2000-2003. Lecturer in Chordate zoology (2000-2002), Marine Biology (2000-2002) Neuro and Sensory Physiology (2001) and Vertebrate Ecophysiology (Founder 2002-2003). Assistant teacher in vertebrate zoology, neuro physiology and stream ecology (1997-2002).


Professional services:

Reviewer for Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , Journal of Oceanic Engineering IEEE, Journal of Marine Mammal Science, Journal of Comparative Physiology and Journal of Ethology. Abstract reviewer for the 2003 biennial conference of MMS, Greensboro , and for the ECS, Kolmaarden, 2004.


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