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Figure 3 a. Transient slip distribution, The black, green and blues contours represent slip, its error and depth of the plate interface. The slip contour is 2.0 cm, and the error contour is 1.5 cm. Note that error is scaled by the misfit. Error is larger in the inside of the contour, and is low near the trench because the slip there is constrained to be small. The maximum value of error is 1.9 cm. The black, green and blue contours represent slip, standard deviation of slip and depth of the plate interface. The blue asterisk shows the epicenter of the March 9 foreshock, and the green and purple asterisks indicate epicenter of the March 11 mainshock by JMA and USGS, respectively. b. Fit to horizontal displacement data. Black and red arrows represent observed and predicted displacements. ()

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