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Wu-Jung Lee
Wu-Jung Lee's photoWu-Jung Lee
Postdoctoral Investigator

Contact Information:
Work: 508 289 2659
Building: Co-op

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 16
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Interests
  • Adaptive echolocation-based foraging and prey-predator interaction by bats and toothed whales
  • Computational modeling of active auditory process in echolocation
  • Measurement and physics-based modeling of broadband echoes from individual and aggregations of marine organisms and terrestrial insects
  • Statistical characterization of broadband acoustic echoes from monotype and mixed assemblages of random scatterers: application of acoustic scattering from marine organisms

Ph.D., MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science and Engineering
B.S. in engineering, Dept of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2005
B.S., Dept of Life Science (with zoology focus), National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2005

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