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Peter T. Madsen
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Postdoctoral Investigator

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Research Interests
Sensory physiology of marine mammals and their prey. Functional anatomy, dynamics and biomechanics of odontocete sound production. Biosonar, signal properties, prey detection and auditory scene analysis of toothed whales. Ecophysiology, behavior, energetics and foraging ecology of deep diving odontocetes. Acoustic interactions between toothed whales and prey. Physiological, behavioral and energetic effects of man made noise on marine mammals. Controlled exposure and playback experiments for mitigative purposes.


PhD. in sensory physiology at Dr. Bertel Moehls biosonar lab at the Dept. of Zoophysiology, Aarhus University , Denmark : ”Sperm whale sound production”.


Post doc. at Dr. Roger Payne’s lab at the Ocean Alliance (MA, USA) and Chief Scientist of the RV Odyssey.


Post doc. at Dr. Peter Tyack’s lab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MA, USA ).

Peer-reviewed publications
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17. Madsen P.T. (In press), A?Marine Mammals and Noise: What is a safety level of 180 dB re. 1uPa (rms) for transients?A?, J. Acoust. Soc. Am.

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