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Jason C. Goodman
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Research Interests
Gaining insight into geophysical fluid dynamics of a single medium (atmosphere, ocean, or cryosphere) presents an exciting challenge. But for me, exploring these geophysical fluids in combination, considering the unique behaviors that emerge from their interaction and coupling, is even more intriguing.

My research to date has focused on a number of aspects of atmosphere/ocean and ocean/ice coupling, covering a wide range of topics from modern interannual/ decadal climate variability to deep-time paleoclimate (the ?Snowball Earth? hypothesis) to a serious study of physical oceanography and ocean/ice interactions within the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

My preferred tools of the trade range from theoretical analysis to ?toy? numerical models with simplified physics to full-blown atmosphere and ocean general circulation models running on mid-sized parallel computing clusters. No matter the model, though, I do my best to focus on and refer back to observational data.

Postdoctoral fellowship, 2001-2002, University of Chicago Department of Geosciences. Supervisor: Raymond T. Pierrehumbert.
Ph.D., 2001, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Climate Physics and
Chemistry). Thesis advisor: John Marshall. Thesis title: "Influence of atmosphere-ocean coupling on interannual climate variability."
B.A., 1995, Carleton College (Physics)

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