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Anders Carlson
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My research involves the interaction of ice sheets, oceans and the climate system on orbital to centennial time-scales. Some current projects include determining the effects of deglaciation on climate and the role of the ocean in modulating the climate response between hemispheres. I am also interested in using the past as a key to the future (e.g. what will become of Greenland) looking at the response time of ice sheets to climatic perturbations and the extent of ice sheets during interglacials (the current and previous). Another aspect of my research involves reconstructing paleoceanographic records to look at oceanic cause and response to climate change.

I am currently a postdoctoral scholar working with Delia Oppo and Jeff Donnelly here at WHOI but will be starting a professorship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Geology & Geophysics in the Fall of 2007 (more information on the Quaternary & Paleoclimate Research group at Any students interested in graduate or undergraduate research in the fields of paleoclimatology, and Quaternary and glacial geology please shoot me an email.

My approach to research uses a combination of dating methods (cosmogenic dating, radiocarbon), analytical techniques (isotope and trace element analysis, geochemistry), field geology, and conceptual and numerical models. I believe a holistic approach is required to place data into the global picture and vice versa for the applicability of models.

Augustana College, Rock Island, IL: BA, Geology (Honors) and German
University of Wisconsin-Madison: MS, Geology
Oregon State University-Corvallis: Ph.D., Geology and Oceanography (Minor)

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