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Research Interests
My research interests are in aquatic ecology, with particular emphasis on estuaries and their associated fish fauna. A focus of my research has been to determine life-history patterns and movement of fish. For this, I have used chemicals within fish otoliths (earbones) as natural and artificial tags. I place a large emphasis on understanding factors that structure ecological communities, as such I have a strong experimental component to my research. Other research interests include assessing anthropogenic impacts and understanding spatial and temporal variation within ecosystems.

Current and past projects include: Environmental influences on otolith chemistry, Movements and migration of fish, Urban influences on fish fauna, Temporal variation of chemicals in estuarine, Spatial variation in assemblages, Macroecological patterns and processes, Nutrient impacts on algae and estuaries. 

2002 - 2005       Ph.D., University of Adelaide, Australia
2001                  BSc Honours (1st Class) University of Adelaide, Australia
1997- 1999        BSc Flinders University, Australia


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