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Elisabeth Streit Falk
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Postdoctoral Scholar

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About me

I am a geochemist interested in water-rock interactions, especially hydration and carbonation reactions in ultramafic hydrothermal systems and weathering environments. These reactions are particularly interesting because they result in reduced, high-pH fluids that can result in abiogenic methane formation and/or rapid carbonate mineralization. In situ mineral carbonation of ultramafic rocks in such systems shows promise as a permanent means of carbon capture and storage. Similar ultramafic environments may have been the birthplace of life on Earth and may serve as analogs for hydrothermal systems on Mars and other planetary bodies.

My current research focuses on equilibrium and kinetic clumped isotope geochemistry of carbonates associated with ultramafic systems. I remain interested in the mineralogy and petrology of serpentinites, as well as the potential role of mineral carbon storage during water-rock reactions between exposed peridotite and CO2-bearing fluids as a carbon capture and storage solution to lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

In addition to research, I am very interested in sharing the experience of coming to understand how our planet works, through inquiry-based teaching in both classroom and informal experiences. Feel free to contact me with any outreach opportunities!

Like most geologists, I love to spend time outside, whether in the form of formal research in the field, hiking, camping, cycling, playing team sports, swimming, or just spending a day in the fresh air. 

Research Interests
Fluid-rock interactions; clumped isotope geochemistry; mineral carbon sequestration

Ph.D. - Columbia University, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, 2013
B.S. - California Institute of Technology, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, 2007

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