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Nathalie Dubois
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Research Interests
My research interests are in paleoceanography and paleoclimate, in particular climate-related changes in ocean circulation and in marine ecosystems on various timescales. My specific interests include understanding (1) the role of the tropics in past climate change, (2) how ocean chemistry is coupled to climate on Earth and influences biological productivity, and (3) what is truly recorded by sedimentary proxies.


Ph.D. – Oceanography – Dalhousie University, Halifax (2010)

Dissertation title: On the paleoceanography of the eastern equatorial Pacific during the last 100,000 years (Advisor: Dr. Markus Kienast)

M.Sc. (Diplôme d’Ingénieur-Géologue) – Geology – University of Geneva (2005)

Dissertation title: Changements climatiques et océanographiques au Pléistocène supérieur: Les données du Plateau du Marion, NE Australie (Advisor: Dr. Pascal Kindler)

B.Sc. (Licence) – Earth Sciences – University of Geneva (2003)

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