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Amanda Spivak
Amanda Spivak's photoAmanda Spivak
Associate Scientist
Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Contact Information:
Work: 508 289 4847
Building: Fye 136

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 04
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in interfacing sediment biogeochemistry and ecology with the goal of generating a comprehensive understanding of organic matter cycling in aquatic habitats. How do community structure and species diversity affect carbon pathways and storage within an ecosystem? Alternatively, what are the carbon sources that support organisms and how does organic matter quality affect carbon transfer through the food web? In addition, I am interested in understanding how multiple anthropogenic disturbances interact to affect sediment organic matter composition and biogeochemical processes. To examine these questions, I use a combination of geochemical tracers, including lipid biomarkers and stable isotopes, and observational, experimental, and modeling approaches.

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Experimental Mesocosm System

Check out my new flow through seawater Mesocosm Lab!

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Lab Group
Former Undergraduate Students

Rea Pineda, WH PEP Intern 2012. Western Washington University, 2013

Jennifer Reeve, WHOI SSF 2013. Haverford College, 2014

Melisa Diaz, WH PEP Intern 2013. Rochester University, 2014

Kelsey Gosselin, Guest student 2014. The New School, Expected May 2015

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