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Former COI Director Ken Brink, right, with Don Anderson, the Institute’s second director. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, WHOI Graphic Services)
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The Coastal Ocean Institute and Rinehart Coastal Research Center promote scientific inquiry into the phenomena that shape our coastal waters and ecosystems, encouraging innovative, interdisciplinary research and high-risk technology development. We also strive to translate the results of this basic research for citizens and policymakers, while providing a solid information base for resource managers.

In July, Don Anderson became the director of COI and RCRC, succeeding Ken Brink. Don is a biologist who conducts research on toxic and harmful blooms of algae, commonly called “red tides.”

In addition to six research projects initiated in 2004 (see map below), we undertook a wide range of activities to promote and communicate coastal research. In April, our Short Course and Workshop on Coastal Change drew 70 individuals, including federal and state agency representatives, students, and researchers. In September, the Moving Shoreline Forum generated lively debate with trustees and guests, and culminated in a science plan for an initiative on this topic. Bruce Peterson, of the Marine Biological Laboratory, gave a seminar on carbon and nutrient flux in the coastal oceans, and Richard Jahnke, of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, gave a seminar on continental margin processes in marine biogeochemical cycles.

We provided support for three postdocs this year. Rubao Ji is studying processes that control phytoplankton blooms on Georges Bank. Kevin Kroeger is studying nitrogen in groundwater at the interface of land and sea to better understand groundwater input to coastal pollution. Tom Hsu is modeling sediment transport in nearshore waters. We initiated support for two new COI Fellows, Jeff Donnelly, a geologist (jointly sponsored with the Ocean and Climate Change Institute), and Chris Reddy, an organic chemist. Jeff specializes in climate change recorded in sediments, and Chris studies the source, transport, and fate of organic compounds in seawater.

We continue to support John Trowbridge, who is taking a leadership role in guiding work at the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory, and Heidi Sosik (jointly with the Ocean Life Institute), who works on phytoplankton ecology and biooptics.

—Don Anderson (danderson@whoi.edu)
Institute Director

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