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Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
The Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department (AOPE) is famous for building instruments, sensors, and vehicles at the forefront of oceanographic research and discovery. The department is also increasingly recognized for scientific advances in ocean physics and interdisciplinary ocean sciences.
The Biology Department continued to expand into new research, even while preparations are underway for expansion into two new buildings on the Quissett Campus. Studies continued on whales, microbes, and a variety of organisms between.
Geology and Geophysics
The Geology and Geophysics Department focuses on understanding how our Earth works by investigating the dynamics of convection in the mantle, the geologic structure and tectonics of the ocean basins, interactions of continental and oceanic geologic processes, the history of ocean circulation patterns and climate change, and the interactions between geological and biological systems.
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Scientists in the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (MCG) Department were extremely active in 2004 analyzing the chemical composition of the ocean and its constituent sediments, rocks, and biota. While laboratory studies, modeling, and remote sensing of the ocean all are important to many of our staff, what stands out in 2004 was the wide range and number of field programs.
Physical Oceanography
Research in the Physical Oceanography Department centers on the description and understanding of the evolving state of the ocean and its interaction with the atmosphere and Earth. While we have traditionally identified ourselves with making observations at sea, our scientists also make important contributions to numerical modeling, theory, laboratory experimentation, and instrument development.

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