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WHOI personnel in 2004
totaled 1,092

WHOI People  (as of December 31, 2004)
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  Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
Geology and Geophysics
Marine Chemistry and Geochemisty
Physical Oceanography

Coastal Ocean Institute/Rinehart Coastal Research Center
Deep Ocean Exploration Institute
Ocean and Climate Change Institute
Ocean Life Institute

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research
Joint Pacific Research Center
Marine Policy Center
Sea Grant

Academic Programs
  Academic Programs Office
MIT/WHOI Joint Program Degree Recipients
MIT/WHOI Joint Program Students
Postdoctoral Scholars/Fellows
Geophysical Fluid Dynamic Seminar Fellows
Geophysical Fluid Dynamic Staff and Visitors
Summer Student Fellows
Minority Fellows
Guest Students

Marine Operations
  Operational Scientific Services
Ship Operations
R/V Atlantis
R/V Knorr
R/V Oceanus
R/V Tioga

Research Administration
  Director of Research Office
Computer and Information Services
Grant and Contract Services

Finance and Operations
  Finance and Administration Office
Controller’s Office
Environmental Health and Safety
Human Resources
Management Information Services

Directorate and Governance
Trustees and Corporation Members
Board Relations
Director's Office
Conference Services

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