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TWIC Training for WHOI Employees

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  1. Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) applies to WHOI’S dock Facilities and Vessels as a result of our Facilities and Vessels being regulated by the Marine Transportation Security Act. We’re regulated because of the size and class of our vessels and the fact that they are members of SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and make international voyages.
  2. TWIC will be initially used as a visual identification card, it has the holder’s photograph imprinted on the card, an expiration date, the letters TWIC in the upper corner running diagonally from the middle to the right of the card. It is also a biometric card with the holder’s fingerprints embedded in the card.
  3. A TWIC card will be necessary to have unescorted access to the WHOI dock when any regulated MTSA vessel is at the dock and in Active status.This also applies and includes any access to the Iselin Building, Alvin High bay, Machine shops, dock. or vessels.The TWIC card should be carried on your person.
  4. If your TWIC card is lost, stolen or damaged you must immediately contact the TWIC Call Center at (866) 347-8942 and report it.
  5. Escorting: If you have a TWIC card and the authority from the Facility, you may enter the secure/restricted area unescorted.If you don’t have a TWIC card you must have side by side accompaniment by a TWIC card holder to enter the secure/restricted area. The TWIC card holder must remain with you the entire time you are in the secure/restricted area.
  6. The enforcement date for the TWIC rules begin on October 15, 2008. For WHOI this means that anytime after that date if a MTSA regulated vessel is at our dock in Active status the TWIC rules will apply and a TWIC card will be necessary to access the Iselin building, Alvin high bay, Machine shops, dock or vessels
  7. Anyone needing a TWIC card can review the Security Web page under Facility and Services, or contact John Richerson (x3280,, WHOI Facility Security Officer or enroll on the TSA website .
  8. Under the MTSA regulations and the TWIC rules and our Facility Security Plan.
    Theo Moniz is the Company Security Officer
    William F. Sparks is the Facility Security Officer
    The Chief Mate on each WHOI vessel is the Vessel Security Officer.

TWIC Training Presentation
» View TWIC Training Presentation for WHOI Employees (ppt)

Presentation includes:
  • The laws that have changed for our operation
  • Security Alert systems in the US
  • Security Structure of WHOI Drills and Exercises
  • What each employee can do
  • Reporting and communication

Last updated: April 13, 2016

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