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GLOBEC-01: Phase IV Support for the Scientific Investigators’ Data Synthesis Symposia

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July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007

Dr. Peter H. Wiebe [Co-PI: Robert C. Groman]
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543

Program Manager: Dr. Elizabeth Turner NOAA/NOS/CSCOR.

Related NOAA Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 2. Understand climate variability and change to enhance society’s ability to plan and respond.

Project Overview
This project has been supporting the US GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase IVa and b yearly workshops and other meetings. These funds have been used to defray the costs of the meeting facilities and pay partial or full travel support for that investigator whose presence at one or more of these meetings was deemed important by the US GLOBEC Georges Bank Executive Committee and yet may not have had sufficient funds to attend the meetings on his/her own. The funds were also used to assist in the documentation of the meetings through the preparation of reports, which will be published both in hard copy and on the Program’s web site (, as has been done in the past. It is anticipated that some funds will be used to assist in the planning and development of the book showing the results of the analysis and synthesis of the GLOBEC George Bank program data sets and modeling efforts during the Phase IVb funding period.

There were five US GLOBEC Georges Bank science projects in Phase IVa of the program. These are as follows:
1) The Physical Oceanography of Georges Bank and Its Impact on Biology. Robert Beardsley (WHOI), Ken Brink (WHOI), Dick Limeburner (WHOI), Jim Churchill (WHOI), Jim Ledwell (WHOI), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), James J. Bisagni (UMassD), Charles Flagg (BNL), Peter Smith (BIO), Ron Schlitz (NEFSC), Jim Lerczak (WHOI)
 2) Zooplankton Population Dynamics on Georges Bank: Model and Data Synthesis. Peter Franks (SIO), James Pringle (UNH), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), Ted Durbin (URI), Wendy Gentleman (UW)
 3) Patterns of Energy Flow and Utilization on Georges Bank. Dian Gifford (URI), James J. Bisagni (UMassD), J.S. Collie (URI), E.G. Durbin (URI), Michael Fogarty (NEFSC), Jason Link (NMFS), Larry Madin (WHOI), David Mountain (NMFS), Debbie Palka (NMFS), Michael E. Sieracki (BLOS), John Steele (WHOI), B.K. Sullivan (URI)
4) Tidal Front Mixing and Exchange on Georges Bank: Controls on the Production of Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Larval Fishes. Robert W. Houghton (LDEO), Dave Townsend (UME), Changsheng Chen (UMassD), R. Gregory Lough (NEFSC), Lew Incze (BLOS), Jeff Runge (UNH)
5) Integration and Synthesis of Georges Bank Broad-Scale Survey Results. Peter Wiebe (WHOI), Carin Ashjian (WHOI), Larry Madin (WHOI), Dennis McGillicuddy (WHOI), Dave Mountain (NMFS), J.R. Green (NMFS), Peter Berrien (NMFS), S.M. Bollens (SFSU), Dave Townsend (UMaine), Ted Durbin (URI), Bob Campbell (URI), Barbara Sullivan (URI), Ann Bucklin (UNH), Jeff Runge (UNH).

Most of these projects were funded for a 3 or 4 year period and one (#5) was funded for two years.

There were five additional projects funded in Phase IVb of the program, which started in 2006. These are as follows:
1) Marine Ecosystem Responses to Climate-Associated Remote Forcing from the Labrador Sea. C. Greene (Cornell), Pershing (Cornell), Monger (Cornell), D. Mountain (NEFSC), S. Hakkinen (Goddard Space Flight Center).
2) Factors determining early-life-stage survival and recruitment variability in N. Atlantic cod: a comparison bewteen NW Atlantic and Norwegian Sea Systems. F. Werner (UNC), R. G. Lough (NEFSC), T. Durbin (URI), D. Mountain (NEFSC), M. Fogarty (NEFSC), L. Buckley (NEFSC)
3) Effects of climate variability on Calanus dormancy patterns and population dynamics in the Northwest Atlantic. J. Runge (UNH), A. Leising (NMFS)
4) Impacts of Climate and Basin-Scale Variability on Seeding and Production of Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank Region. A. Gangopadhyay (UMassD), H. Batchelder (OSU), D. Gifford (URI), J. Bisagni (UMassD)
 5) Processes Controlling Abundance of Dominant Copepod Species on Georges Bank: Local Dynamics and Large-Scale Forcing. C. Davis (WHOI), R. Beardsley (WHOI), C. Chen (UMassD), R. Ji (WHOI), T. Durbin (URI), D. Townsend (UMaine), J. Runge (UNH), C. Flagg (SUNY-SB)

Two scientific investigator workshops for GLOBEC Phase IVb scientists were held with support from this grant. The first workshop was held on 2 - 3 October 2006 and the second on 23 - 24 April 2007. Both workshops were held at WHOI in the Clark Laboratory (Conference Room 507). The workshops included 22 and 30 participants, respectively.

The purpose of both workshops was to update program PIs on the ongoing research results by the various projects. Funds for the workshops were used for catering and group dinners. PIs paid their own travel. Both workshops achieved their goals and the GLOBEC Phase 4B Synthesis projects are proceeding as planned.

The reports/talks are available on-line at:

Three investigators were also supported to attend the U.S. GLOBEC pan-synthesis meeting held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado from 27 to 30 November 2006. A report of the meeting entitled “First U.S. GLOBEC Pan-Regional Synthesis Workshop” has been circulated to the participants for final comment before official publication.

Groman, R.C., M.D. Allison, and P.H. Wiebe. 2007. New MapServer interface to US GLOBEC data sets. GLOBEC International Newsletter, April 2007. Pages 92-94.

Summary of Interaction with NOAA
This synthesis project was a collaborative integrative effort that involved scientists from academic institutions and the NOAA/NEFSC working together in the analysis, synthesis, and publication of data collected during the U.S. GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic Georges Bank field years (1994-1999). It has been a very productive and successful partnership.

Summary of Education and Outreach Activity
The U.S. GLOBEC data and information web site (See ) provides open access to the data collected by all of the U.S. GLOBEC modules and information about the Georges Bank program. It is frequently accessed not only by scientists, but also by educators, students, and managers.

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