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Marine Ecosystem Processes

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Current Projects
Wind-Driven Transport Indices for Cod and Haddock Recruitment on Georges Bank
Dr. Philip Bogden

U.S-GLOBEC: NWA Georges Bank—Processes Controlling Abundance of Dominant Copepod Species on Georges Bank
Dr. Cabell Davis and Dr. Robert Beardsley

Automatic Detection and Identification of Rockfish and their Habitats from Underwater Images Collected by the Seabed AUV and Video Observer Monitoring of Commercial Fishing Vessels
Dr. Cabell Davis and Dr. Qiao Hu

Coupled Biological/Physical Models in the Coastal Ocean: Skill Assessment and Planning for Regional Testbed Projects
Dr. Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Jr.

AUVSA - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for Scientific Applications: A Conference to Promote Dialog Between AUV Developers, Engineers and Science Users
Dr. Hanumant Singh

Broadband Discrimination Between Anatomical Groups of Fish and Zooplankton--Demersal and Pelagic Regions
Dr. Timothy Stanton

U.S. GLOBEC: Integration and Synthesis of Georges Bank Broad-Scale Survey Results
CICOR/NOAA: P.H. Wiebe, C. Ashjian, and D. McGillicuddy (WHOI) NSF: L. Madin (WHOI); S. Bollens (SFSU); D. Townsend (UM); A. Bucklin and Runge (UNH); E. Durbin, R. Campbell, & B. Sullivan-Watts (URI) NMFS/NEFSC: D. Mountain, J. Green, P. Berrien

GLOBEC-01: Phase IV Support for the Scientific Investigators’ Data Synthesis Symposia
Dr. Peter H. Wiebe [Co-PI: Robert C. Groman]

Past Projects
Morphological and Molecular Aspects of Reproductive Failure in Northern Right shales
Michael Moore

GLOBEC-01: Patterns of Energy Flow and Utilization on Georges Bank
Dr. John Steele

Processing and Visualization of Multi-beam Sonar Data
Dr. Dezhang Chu

Sperm Whales in the North Atlantic - DTAG Effort
Mark Johnson and Peter Tyack

Coral-Based Seasonally Resolved Records of Oceanic Surface Conditions at Bermuda
A.L. Cohen and M. S. McCartney

Enhancements to Ungoing Studies of Target Strength Measurements of Gas-Bearing Marine Life
Tim Stanton

Tagging Deep Diving Odontocetes with a Digital Acoustic Recording Tag
Mark Johnson and Peter Tyack

Assessing Risk Factors in Right Whale Vessel Collision using an Acoustic Recording Tag and Controlled Sound Exposure
Peter L. Tyack, Douglas P. Nowacek, and Mark P. Johnson

Real-Time Data Assimilation on Georges Bank
Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Jr. and Cabell S. Davis, III

U.S. GLOBEC: Processes Controlling the Recruitment of Calanus Finmarchicus Populations from the Gulf of Maine to Georges Bank
Peter Wiebe,Peter Wiebe, and Mark Ben^eld

Last updated: August 19, 2008

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