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Ocean's Role in Climate and Climate Variability

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Current Projects
Multi-Sensor Improved SST (MISST) for GODADAE
Dr. Sandra Castro and Dr. William Emery

Application of the Leaf Wax-aerosol Method to Assess Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Carbon Isotopic Fractionation of Atmospheric CO2 by Terrestrial Photosynthesis
Dr. Maureen H. Conte

Assessment of Air-Sea CO2 Exchange Rates in the World’s Oceans Using Bomb 14C Inventories Derived from the WOCE Global Survey
Dr. Alison Macdonald

U.S. Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Assembly Center
Dr. James J. O’Brien, Mr. Shawn R. Smith, and Dr. Mark A. Bourassa

The Argo Float Program
Dr. Brechner Owens

Dynamics of the Flow of Pacific Water Through the Western Chukchi: Analysis of the 2004 RUSALALCA Herald Canyon Hydrographic Data
Dr. Robert Pickart

A Fifty-year Analysis of Global Ocean Surface Heat Flux
Drs. Lisan Yu and Bob Weller

Air-Sea Interaction in the Eastern Tropical Pacific ITCZ/Cold Tongue Complex
Dr. Robert A. Weller

Long-Term Evolution and Coupling of the Boundary Layers in the STRATUATUATUS Deck Regions of the Eastern Pacific
Dr. Robert A. Weller

Ships of Opportunity Program
Dr. Robert A. Weller, Dr. Albert Plueddemann, and Mr. David S. Hosom

Ocean Reference Stations
Dr. Robert A. Weller and Dr. Albert J. Plueddemann, Co-PIs.

Past Projects
GLOBEC Target Species: Interactions with Top Trophic Levels
Dr. Cynthia T. Tynan

Climatic Dynamics of Rainfall, Snow and Vegetation over Complex River Basins - Fully Distributed Hydrological Modeling Approach
Prof. Rafael L. Bras

Carbon Dynamics of North American Boreal Forest Regrowth
Scott Goetz

An Intercalibration and Quality Assurance Program using a Stand-Alone Wireless IMET System
Mr. David Hosom

Thermohaline Circulation in the Atlantic and its Variability under the Energy Constraint
Dr. Rui Xin Huang

Variations in Oceanic CO2 Concentration, Transport and Divergence in the Atlantic
Dr. Alison Macdonald

State of the Arctic Report
Dr. Andrey Proshutinsky

Implementation of One High Density XBT Line with TSG and IMET Instrumentation in the Tropical Atlantic
Dr. Robert A. Weller

The Oceanic Role in Tropical Atlantic Climate Variability on Interannual to Decadal Time Scales
Drs. Jiayan Yang and Terrence M. Joyce

Analysis of the 1999 Georges Bank Tidal Mixing Front Moored Array Data
Dr. Robert C. Beardsley and Dr. James Lerczak

Flow of Pacific water through the Western Chukchi: Dynamics and biological implications
Robert S. Pickart

Long-Term Evolution and Coupling of the Boundary Layers in the STRATUS Deck Regions of the Eastern Pacific
Dr. Robert A. Weller

A Northwest Tropical Atlantic Station for Flux Measurement (NTAS)
Albert J. Plueddemann

Sources of the Cold Tongue in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Bernadette M. Sloyan

SOLAS Summer School 2003
Wade R. McGillis

Collaborative Research with PMEL: Exploring the Submarine Ring of Fire
Dana Yoerger, Albert Bradley, Maurice Tivey

Secular Variability of Warm Water Transformation in the North Atlantic
Michael McCartney and Ruth Curry

A Numerical Study of Linkage Between the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and Climate Changes in the Tropical and Subtropical Atlantic Ocean
Jiayan Yang

WOCE-CLIVAR Subsurface Float Data Assembly Center
Philip L. Richardson and Christine M. Wooding

Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes and Surface Physical Processes
Wade McGillis, James Edson, and Eugene Terray

Tracing a Thermohaline Anomaly in the Tropical Circulation
Ruth Curry

In Situ Measurement of DMS Fluxes and Gas Transfer Velocity during GasEx-2001
John Dacey and Wade McGillis

Last updated: August 19, 2008

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