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Research Highlights

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March 15, 2007
Current Events off Antarctica
The newly found Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Current may play an important role in recharging the fertile marine ecosystem off the icy continent
Source: Oceanus Magazine

argo floatsFebruary 3, 2006
Float 312, Where Are You?
Even a fleet of thousands of ocean-monitoring instruments can disappear into the vast oceans and rarely, if ever, get spotted. Until recently, floats 312 and 393 were no different.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Building a Tsunami  Warning NetworkMarch 29, 2005
Building a Tsunami Warning Network
Preparing for the next big wave is only partly about science
Source: Oceanus Magazine

WellerFebruary 26, 2003
WHOI Scientist Honored by American Meteorological Society
Source: Media Relations

Robert Weller, Physical Oceanography Department
"Long-Term Evolution and Coupling of the Boundary Layers in the Stratus Deck Regions of the Eastern Pacific
A surface mooring was deployed in the eastern tropical Pacific, west of northern Chile in in October 2000. The buoy was equipped with meteorological instrumentation, which measured wind speed and direction, air temp, barometric pressure, relative humidity, long- and short- radiation. The mooring line had instrumentation attached that measured horizontal current velocity, sea surface temp, sea temp, conductivity, chlorophyll absorption and surface rain.

Albert Plueddemann, Physical Oceanography Department
"A Northwest Tropical Atlantic Station for Flux Measurement"
A surface mooring was placed in the tropical Atlantic, where there are strong SST anomalies and significant local air-sea interaction. These data will be used to determine in-situ fluxes of heat, moisture and momentum, and then to use these in-situ fluxes to make a regional assessment of flux components from numerical weather prediction models and satellites, and to determine the degree to which the oceanic budgets of heat and momentum are locally balanced.

W. Breck Owens, Physical Oceanography Department
"The Argo Float Project"

Ring of FireRing of Fire
Dana Yoerger, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Deparment
The first phase of this exciting research was completed. An extremely informative and visual webpage contains the complete cruise summary.

Buoy group DataWHOI Buoy Group Oceanic Data Archive
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution?s Buoy Group existed from 1950 through 1999. During that time, surface and subsurface mooring were set around the world, by WHOI scientists. This dataset was organized by Susan Tarbell. More information will be added to this description as CICOR Science Online adds more web sites.

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