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2002 Saoud Rana and Dan Schmitt

Outstanding Marine Science Project Falmouth High School Science Fair

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Saoud Rana and Dan Schmitt

Dan Schmitt (left), a science fair judge (middle) and Saoud Rana (right) with their awards at the South Shore Regional Science Fair.

Dan Schmitt and Saoud Rana

Dan Schmitt and Saoud Rana in front of their Falmouth Science Fair Project. "The Wiggle: Reducing the Oscillation of Oil Risers."

Saoud Rana and Dan Schmitt were the winners of the CICOR Award for the best project in Marine Sciences. They went on to the South Shore Regional Science Fair on March 23, 2002 and took a first place there as well! They will go on to the Massachusetts State Science Fair on May 3 & 4. Below is an abstract of their project.

The Wiggle: Reducing the Oscillation of Oil Risers
Saoud Rana, Dan Schmitt
Teacher: Dr. Johnson, Dr. Hinkle

In underwater oil drilling, oil risers are used to pump oil from the bottom of the ocean to the surface. As currents flow past the oil riser, it oscillates from side to side. This oscillation is called strouhal effect or strumming. Strumming over a long period of time causes damage to the oil riser, which can be very expensive to repair. In this experiment, different shapes of oil risers were designed in order to determine the optimum design for reducing oscillation. In order to test this, cylinders with different shaped stabilizer fins were observed in uniform water flow. The control being a regular cylinder, with no fin. It was determined that the “tear-drop fin” was better than the regular cylinder because it had an identical oscillation range and had a slower period of oscillation. This fin moved with the same overall displacement, but it did so in a slower manner.

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