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Ocean Science Educational Web Sites

» Ocean Science Educational Web Sites
A comprehensive list of educational websites for marine and ocean science as of January 2010.

A strong education and outreach effort within CICOR is its involvement in the NOAA Teacher-at-Sea program ( In 2002, the STRATUS research cruise brought a NOAA Teacher-at-Sea for the first time to a non-NOAA vessel, in this case to the R/V Roger Revelle, chartered from UNOLS by NOAA for the STRATUS cruise. This Teacher-at-Sea was Debra Brice, from San Marcos, California. A Chilean counterpart, Vivianna Zamarano, a Chilean TAS from Arica, Chile (where the cruise ended) also participated in the cruise and interacted extensively with the science party while providing real time links to classrooms in the United States. Since 2002 there has been a NOAA Teacher at Sea on every STRATUS cruise.

When in port in Central and South America, the science party on these cruises to the Stratus Ocean Reference Station regularly participate in interviews with the local press. These dialogs typically cover both the involvement of participants from these countries in the research and questions about ENSO, which has a major impact on these countries. In association with obtaining clearance to sample in national waters, local observers are invited from the countries from which the ship sails and from which the ship docks at the end of the cruise. Additionally, as bunk and lab space is available and as ship time allows, these participants, which include researchers and their graduate students as well as members of the naval oceanographic services of these countries, are invited to participate in the research and carry out their own research projects.

Brett Hoyt2006 Brett Hoyt
Brett Hoyt teaches in Montana.

Eric Heltzel2005 Eric Heltzel
Eric Heltzel teaches oceanography and meteorology in Wyoming.

2005 Diana L. Griffiths
Diana Griffiths is a clssroom teacher in Pennsylvania.

Mary Cook2004 Mary Cook
Mary Cook is a teacher in Arkansas.

Debra Brice2003 Debra Brice
Debra Brice is a middle school science teacher in San Diego at San Marcos Middle School.

Viviana Zamorano2003 Viviana Zamorano
Viviana Zamorano is a middle school science teacher at Escuela America in Arica, Chile.

Outstanding Marine Science Project - Falmouth High School Science Fair
Each year, CICOR awards a savings bond for the best project in the area of Marine Sciences at the Falmouth High School Science Fair.

Award Winners

2008 Thomas Gawarkiewicz
The title of his project was "Variables Affecting Crater Size".

2007 Isabel Nepsted
The title of her project was "The effect of housing density on pond water quality".

2006 Zacary Carman
The title of his project was "Fragmentation of Didemnum ."

2005 Amanda Carroll
The title of her project was "The Effects of Diesel Fuel on the Embryo Development of Strongylocentrotus Droebachiensis"

2004 Emilia Sogin
The title of her project was "Bioremediation: The microbial breakdown of diesel fuel in seawater."

2003 Marley B. Bice
The title of her project was "Do the Oxygen Isotopes of Foraminifera Record Temperature?"

2002 Saoud Rana and Dan Schmitt
The title of their project was "The Wiggle: Reducing the Oscillation of Oil Risers"

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