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Ryo Saotome, 2006 Summer Student Fellow

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Ryo Saotome

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Minority Summer Student Fellow

Trinity College, Physics and Mathematics, 2008
Advisor: Lisan Yu
Department: Physical Oceanography
Project: Role of Sea Surface Temperatures on Hurricane

Related NOAA Strategic Plan Goal:

Goal 1. Understand climate variability and change
to enhance society’s ability to plan and
Goal 2. Serve society’s needs for weather and
water information.


Activity Report

My project this summer is concerned with the role of sea surface temperatures in the formation
of hurricanes. Better understanding of the conditions under which hurricanes form should allow
for better predictions and response times. I spent the first couple of weeks of this summer
familiarizing myself with MATLAB and learning more background information on hurricanes.
The rest of my summer was spent analyzing various satellite data on ocean conditions and
plotting them against known information on hurricanes using MATLAB to try to find a
connection. Currently I am analyzing data on hurricanes and sea surface temperatures using a
technique known as singular value decomposition, the results of which are not yet known.

As a part of the SSF/MF program this summer I was able to attend a variety of interesting
lectures through the Summer Lecture Series and also attend a very useful Ethics in Science
Workshop. I was also able to take a day cruise on the Tioga and have a hands-on learning
experience on the various methods of data collection on research vessels.

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