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Summer Student Fellows

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2007 Summer Student Fellows
Tess BrandonTess Brandon
Tess Brandon's study sought to understand small-scale processes associated with the Middle Ground sand ridge along Vineyard Sound.

Carolyn ClarkinCarolyn Clarkin
Carolyn Clarkin's study estimated the economic value of additional QuickSCAT information was estimated by modeling the likelihood that trnsits across the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans encounter hurricane force storms.

Orianna DeMasiOrianna DeMasi
Orianna DeMasi's study described observed tidal features on the portion of the New England shelf south of Martha' Vineyard.

2006 Summer Student Fellows
Cara HotchkinCara Hotchkin
Cara Hotchkin's project was to determine whether North Atlantic Right Whales respond to small vessel approaches by changing direction or turning.

Peggy LynchPeggy Lynch
Peggy Lynch investigated the role of spatial scale in designing intelligent ocean management schemes.

Ryo SaotomeRyo Saotome
Ryo Saotome's project studied the role of sea surface temperatures in the formation of hurricanes.

2006 Hollings Fellows Summer Internships
Charlies WhteCharles E. White, II
Charlies White analyzed data from simultaneously tagged long-finned pilot whales to quantify how these animals use the sonic environment to coordinate group behaviors.

Deborah OsbornDeborah Osborn
Deborah Osborn's work consisted of using molecular techniques to identify the species of Pseudo-nitzschia in the GOM and determine whether molecular probes developed on the West Coast could be used in the Gulf of Maine.

Theresa SmithTheresa L. Smith
Theresa Smith's studies included mooring instrumentation documentation, recovery and deployment buoy recovery, and writing/editing the CICOR/WHOI Ocean Instruments webpage.

2005 Summer Student Fellows
Yue (Max) Li
Analysis of Biological and Physical Sources of Acoustic Backscattering in Continental Shelf Waters off the Western Antarctic Penisula

Chrysanthi Tsimitri
Arctic upwelling events at the shelfbreak of the Beaufort Sea

Theresa Black
Growth and grazing rates of Protoperidinium spp. (Dinophyceae) feeding on toxic and non-toxic phytoplankton

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