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Jim Lerczak, 2000 Postdoctoral Scholar

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Jim Lerczak

Jim Lerczak (Photo by James Kent, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Summary of Accomplishments
Since arriving at WHOI in December of 2000, I have submitted three papers from my doctoral dissertation for publication (see reference list below). One of the papers has been accepted and the other two are being reviewed. I have been involved in two research projects. The first is a study of zooplankton patch dynamics in Cape Cod Bay and is in collaboration with Cabell Davis, Carin Ashjian, Bob Beardsley, and Scott Gallager. Here I am analyzing current, hydrographic and drifter data from an intensive set of field studies in NE Cape Cod Bay to detect tidally-dependent surface convergences. We are also analyzing video plankton recorder (VPR) data to study copepod behavior and determine whether the copepods respond to convergences to facilitate aggregation. Second, I have been working with Rocky Geyer, Bob Chant (Rutgers), and Bob Houghton (Lamont-Doherty) on a study of secondary flows in the Hudson River estuary. For this project, I participated in two cruises. In April 2001, we conducted cross- and along-estuary ADCP, hydrography, and sediment load surveys in the lower Hudson River. In May 2001, we injected fluorescein dye into the Hudson River estuary and conducted fluorometer, ADCP, and hydrographic surveys to track the dye's subsequent advection and dispersion over several tidal cycles. I have been analyzing the currents and hydrography obtained from these cruises to determine the strength and dynamics of the secondary (lateral) flows. In addition I have begun to run simulations using ROMS to study the dynamics of secondary flows in idealized stratified estuaries.

Papers submitted for publication:
Lerczak, J. A., M. C. Hendershott, and C. D. Winant. 2001. Observations and modeling of coastal internal waves driven by a diurnal seabreeze. J. Geophys. Res., accepted.

Lerczak, J. A., M. C. Hendershott, and C. D. Winant. 2001. Coherence between the semidiurnal barotropic tide and internal tidal currents on the southern California shelf. J. Phys. Oceanogr., submitted.

Lerczak, J. A., C. D. Winant, and M. C. Hendershott. 2001. Observations of the semidiurnal internal tide on the southern California slope and shelf. J. Geophys. Res., submitted.

Background Information
Postdoctoral scholar Jim Lerczak arrived at WHOI in December, 2000. He received his PhD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he studied the dynamics of wind-driven, tidal and high-frequency internal waves observed off the coast of southern California. He is beginning to identify the research he will engage himself in while at WHOI. Possible directions include a study of the dynamics of the shelfbreak front under the supervision of Dave Chapman; a study of the role of currents in the aggregation of phytoplankton in Cape Cod Bay with Carin Ashjian and Cabell Davis; and a numerical study of the secondary circulation in the Hudson River estuary and its role in enhancing mixing across the salinity front with Rocky Geyer.

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