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Postdoctoral Scholars

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CICOR funds several post doctoral scholars who are working with WHOI PIs on activities related to CICOR's three broad themes. A CICOR Post-Doctoral Scholar is expected to be active in research and publication and to advance these collaborations.

Candidates are chosen by the Institution-wide Fellowship Committee from the Postdoctoral Scholar applicant pool. Applicants are judged based upon academic record, research promise, and the relevance of their scientific interests to the research themes of CICOR. CICOR Post-doctoral scholars are mentored by Institution scientists with active research done under NOAA support or in collaboration with NOAA scientists.

Funded Postdoctoral Scholars
Phil Wallhead, 2008-2009 Posdoctoral Scholar

Tobias KulkukaTobias Kulkuka, 2007-2009 Posdoctoral Scholar
Tobias Kukulka is investigating, together with Dr. Albert J. Plueddemann from the Department of Physical Oceanography and Dr. John Trowbridge from the Department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering, the influence of surface waves on the oceanic boundary layer.

Ricardo De Pol Holz, 2006-2008 Postdoctoral Scholar
Dr. De Pol-Holz’s project at WHOI, in collaboration with faculty advisor Lloyd D. Keigwin, is to use paired radiocarbon analyses in benthic and planktonic foraminifera to investigate the deglacial changes in Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW) ventilation using cores from the Chile margin.

Jeremiah HackettJeremiah Hackett, 2006-2007 Postdoctoral Scholar
Dr. Hackett's project at WHOI, in collaboration with faculty advisor Donald M. Anderson, is to use this genomic resource to investigate the ecology of harmful algal bloom formation and toxin production in Alexandrium species, which cause paralytic shellfish poisoning through the production of saxitoxin.

Nancy Grumet ProutyNancy Grumet Prouty, 2005-2006 Postdoctoral Scholar
Nancy Grumet Prouty's research at WHOI specifically aimed to understand and reconstruct environmental conditions in the subtropical and tropical oceans through the development of coral chemical records.

Nicholas ScottNicholas Scott, 2004 Postdoctoral Scholar
Nicholas Schott's research was aimed at understanding the distribution of steep surface waves that are part of steep wave groups on the ocean surface.

Ruoying He, Postdoctoral FellowRuoying He, 2003 Postdoctoral Scholar
Ruoying He's research interests include Shelf and Estuarine Circulation, physical/biogeochemical interactions, air/sea interactions and inverse methods of oceanography.

Amy Baco-Taylor, Postdoctoral FellowAmy Baco-Taylor, 2002 Postdoctoral Scholar
Amy Baco-Taylor's research focused on examining the population genetics and dispersal of deep-sea precious corals from the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Fiamma StraneoFiamma Straneo, 2001 Postdoctoral Scholar
Fiamma's research focused on the interannual variability in the formation and export of dense water from convective sites, with a special emphasis on the Labrador Sea.

Liviu Giosan, Postdoctoral ScholarLiviu Giosan, 2001-2003 Postdoctoral Scholar
Under the supervision of Bill Curry and Lloyd Keigwin Giosan investigated climatic periods critical to the Earth's glacial history such as the Mid Pleistocene Transition.

Jim LerczakJim Lerczak, 2000 Postdoctoral Scholar
Jim Lerczak was involved in two research projects—a study of zooplankton patch dynamics in Cape Cod Bay and a study of secondary flows in the Hudson River estuary.

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