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International Reports and Documents

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The IMBER Data Management Cookbook - A Project Guide to good Data practices (2011). Pollard R.T., Moncoiffé G. and O’Brien T.D. IMBER Report No. 3, IPO Secretariat, Plouzané, France. 16pp.

Riebesell U., Fabry V. J., Hansson L. & Gattuso J.-P. (Eds.) (2010). Guide to best practices for ocean acidification research and data reporting, 260 p. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

Feely, R. A. et al. (2010). An international observational network for ocean acidification. Ocean Obs '09 Community white paper.

Laffoley, D.d’A. & Grimsditch, G. (Eds.) (2009). The management of natural coastal carbon sinks. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. 53 pp

Ocean Acidification Reference User Group (2009). Ocean Acidification: The Facts. A special introductory guide for policy advisers and decision makers. Laffoley, D. d'A, and Baxter, J. M. (Eds.), European Project on OCean Acidification (EPOCA), 12pp.

Ocean Acidification: Summary for Policymakers, IOC, IGBP, Marine Environment Laboratories of the IAEA, and SCOR (2009) 

Orr, J.C., K. Caldeira, V. Fabry, J.-P. Gattuso, P. Haugan, P. Lehodey, S. Pantoja, H.-O. Pörtner, U. Riebesell, T. Trull, M. Hood, E. Urban, and W. Broadgate.  Research Priorities for Ocean Acidification, report from the Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (Monaco, October 6-9, 2008) convened by SCOR, UNESCO-IOC, IAEA, and IGBP, 25 pp.  (Research Priorities report from 2004 Symposium) (2009)

Monaco Declaration  from the Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (Monaco, October 6-9, 2008) (2009)

Report from European Science Foundation Strategic Workshop on the “Impacts of Ocean Acidification” (2008)

Briefing Paper 5: Coral Reefs and Ocean Acidification, International Society for Reef Studies (2008)

The Honolulu Declaration on Ocean Acidification and Reef Management, The Nature Conservancy and the World Conservation Union (IUCN), Gland, Switzerland (2008)

Ocean Acidification: Australian Impacts in the Global Context, Australian Department of Climate Change and the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (Australia) “The Hobart Communiqué” (2008)

The Future Oceans - Warming up, rising high, turning sour, German Advisory Council on Global Change (2006)

Ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, The Royal Society, ISBN 0 85403 617 2, The Clyvedon Press Ltd, Cardiff, UK, 68 pp. (2005)

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