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U.S. Reports and Documents

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The OCB Scientific Steering Committee, the Ocean Acidification Subcommittee, and the Project Office has written an open letter recommending that decisionmakers include ocean acidification as a key consideration in developing future research and management plans.

The U.S. Ocean Acidification Taskforce report, "Recommendations for ORRAP to convey to the IWGOA." 26 pp.

The OCB community has assembled a response to the EPA's call for public comment on ocean acidification and the 303(d) Program. 22 pp.

National Research Council Committee on the Development of an Integrated Science Strategy for Ocean Acidification Monitoring, Research, and Impacts Assessment. 2010. Ocean Acidification:
A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Ocean. 21 pp.

Workshop report: Carbon productivity responses to increased dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations in surface ocean: Exploring the feasibility of an in situ mesoscale carbon addition experiment, 23-24 March 2009, Convener/Organizer: Veronica P. Lance (2009)

OCB Subcommittee on Ocean Acidification, OCB response to the EPA Notice of Data Availability on ocean acidification. View EPA docket (2009)

Joint, I. et al. Consequences of high CO2 and ocean acidification for microbes in the global ocean, 24-26 February 2009, Symposium on Rising CO2, Ocean Acidification, and Their Impacts on Marine Microbes, Honolulu, HI (2009)

Anderson, D. et al. The role of scientific ocean drilling in understanding ocean acidification, Summary of the Ocean Acidification and Marine Carbon Cycling Thematic Working Group Meeting, 7-9 January 2009, Miami, FL, U.S. Science Support Program, 9 pp. (2009)

Fabry, V.J., C. Langdon, W.M. Balch, A.G. Dickson, R.A. Feely, B. Hales, D.A. Hutchins, J.A. Kleypas, and C.L. Sabine, Present and Future Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Cycles, report of the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Scoping Workshop on Ocean Acidification Research held 9-11 October 2007, La Jolla, CA, XX pp. (2009)

Ocean Acidification: Recommended Strategy for a U.S. National Research Program, OCB Ocean Acidification Subcommittee white paper (2009) 

Permission has been granted to OCB to post the special issue of Current: The Journal of Marine Education featuring "Ocean Acidification -From Impacts to Policy Opportunities" published by The National Marine Educators Association (NMEA). For more information about the NMEA, please visit their website. (2009)

Congressional Research Service Report on Ocean Acidification (2009)

Sigler, M. F., R. J. Foy, J. W. Short, M. Dalton, L. B. Eisner, T. P. Hurst, J. F. Morado, and R. P. Stone.   Forecast fish, shellfish and coral population responses to ocean acidification in the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea: An ocean acidification research plan for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. AFSC Processed Rep. 2008-07, 35 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 17109 Point Lena Loop Road, Juneau AK 99801 (2008)

Dickson, A.G., Sabine, C.L., and Christian, J.R. (Eds.). Guide to best practices for ocean CO2 measurements. PICES Special Publication 3, 191 pp. (2007)

Impacts of ocean acidification on coral reefs and other marine calcifiers(2006)

Carbon dioxide and our ocean legacy, Pew Charitable Trust Science Brief (2006) 

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