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Videos, Podcasts, & News

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Ocean acidification: Connecting science, industry, policy and public
Plymouth Marine Laboratory short film on OA produced in collaboration with the Natural Environment Research Council.  OCB scientists Drs. Carol Turley, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, and Ed Urban, are featured.

Researchers Study Coral Growth in Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

Oregon Sea Grant videos
Oregon Sea Grant produced three short videos on OA as part of a series of videos about environmental issues in Oregon. OCB scientist Dr. Richard Feely is featured.

Science360 Video on Ocean Acidification
NSF and NBC co-produced a short video on ocean acidification in May 2011. OCB scientists Drs. Gretchen Hofmann and Andrew Dickson are featured, talking about polar trends, sea urchin fisheries, and possible socioeconomic complications of OA.

The World Was Our Oyster

Millions of oysters dying on Oregon Coast
Portland, OR, USA KGW Newschannel 8 story on the connection between oyster larvae dieoffs and ocean acidification, aired November 30, 2009.

">The Other CO2 Problem

">Hermie the Hermit Crab

Oysters in deep trouble: Is Pacific Ocean's chemistry killing sea life?
Oyster larvae have been dying by the billions. Scientists suspect it's a sign that carbon dioxide is dramatically affecting the ocean - and if they're right, it could push Washington into the center of the debate about the future of the seas.

ACID TEST: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

A Sea Change

EUR-OCEANS Film on Ocean Acidification

Sea Change - Acid Oceans
NBC's Green Week segment, Sea Change, talks to the scientists at the forefront of this important research.

A clip from ABC News discussing ocean acidification with Sylvia Earle

Radio shows and podcasts
Nature Simply Science Podcast: "Carbonated Oceans"

The Dangers of Ocean Acidity
US National Public Radio "Weekday" program (2006) interview with Christopher Sabine and Richard Feely

Ocean Acidification: The changing chemistry of the sea
Justice Talking interview with Christopher Sabine about the impact of increasing levels of carbon dioxide on our oceans

Global Warming: Oceans
US National Public Radio "Open Source" program (2007) interview with Scott Doney

Magazine and newspaper articles
Maine shellfish harvesters plagued by acidification

Ocean Acidification Hits Northwest Oyster Farms
ABC News article on ocean acidification's effects in the northwest U.S., where it is affecting oyster farms' production of viable larvae.

Solutions to environmental threats: ocean acidification (S. Doney, Scientific American - April 2010)

EPA to allow states address rising ocean acidity (Washington Post, March 2010)

Shell-shocked: How different creatures deal with an acidifying ocean (J. Ries, Earth Magazine - March 2010)

Last updated: September 21, 2012