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Public Presentations and Testimonies

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Hearing on the Environmental & Economic Impacts of OA
Ms. Sigourney Weaver
Dr. James Barry
(Senior Scientist, MBARI)
Mr. Donny Waters
(Commercial Fisherman, Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance)
Mr. Tom Ingram
(Executive Director, Diving Equipment and Marketing Association)
Dr. John Everett
(President,Ocean Associates, Inc.)

Three-Part Video Series on Ocean Acidification by Dr. Richard Feely
Part I: What is ocean acidification?
Part II: How are ocean animals affected?
Part III: How will ocean ecosystems be affected?

Recipes for Adaptation: Marine Management under Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
May 2009 workshop in Washington, DC to address:

a.   How will climate change and ocean acidification impact the ability of existing management tools/systems to be effective?

b.   What are the specific limitations of existing marine management systems for addressing climate change and ocean acidification issues

c.   What models or other tools are currently available to be used in management? What do these approaches have to offer and where are they lacking?

d.   What is needed in the future to allow for marine managers consider the effects of climate change and ocean acidification in their decisions?

Agenda and talks are available on the workshop website.

Acidic Oceans: Why Should We Care? (Andrew Dickson, SIO)

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, June 2008 Hearing on The Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring Act
Richard Feely (NOAA/PMEL)
Joan Kleypas (NCAR)
Scott Doney (WHOI)
Ken Caldeira (Carnegie Inst.)
Brad Warren (Productive Oceans Partnerships Program)

Webcast of hearing
Full transcript of hearing (see right)

Rising Tides, Rising Temperatures: Global Warming Effects on Oceans
Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hearing examining the impact global warming is having on the earth’s oceans and ecosystems (April 2008)

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