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Exploring the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems

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Resiliency of corals to changing saturation state: a field study (Swart, Langdon, Millero)

Experimental investigations of coral biomineralization: understanding the biomineralization response to ocean acidification (Cohen, McCorkle, Langdon)

Climate change and coral reefs: integrating calcification, photosynthesis and symbiosis flexibility into species survival trajectories for Caribbean reef corals (Baker, Langdon)

Dynamics of carbon release and sequestration: Case studies of two early Eocene hypsithermals (Bowen, Bralower, Farley, Kump, Pagani, Stoll, Winguth, Zachos, Zeebe)

Application of a novel geochemical approach to the alkalinity anomaly method of estimating coral reef calcification rates: implications of ocean acidification (Langdon, Kadko)

Giant Virus Regulation of Coccolithophorid Dynamics (Wilson)

A SGER proposal to develop methods for the quantitative measurement of calcification rates of planktonic foraminifera (Fabry)

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Nutrient Availability and Requirements in Phytoplankton (Morel)

En-Gen: A functional genomic analysis of how a major calcifying phytoplankter responds to ocean acidification predicted for the end of the century (Carpenter, Stillman, Komada)

Patagonian Shelf Coccolithophores: Ecological Factors Regulating the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Recurring Coccolithophore Bloom (Balch)

The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Survey: Monitoring the Plankton of the North Atlantic (Wiebe)

Experiments to Determine the Impacts of a High CO2 World on High Latitude, Temperate and Tropical Benthic Foraminifera (Bernhard, McCorkle)

Experimental Investigations of Coral Biomineralization: Understanding the Biomineralization Response to Ocean Acidification (Langdon, Cohen, McCorkle)

Coral Reef Primary Production and Calcification: Quantitative Analysis of Sensitivity to Environmental Forcing using a Control Volume Approach (Dunbar, Koseff)

Role of Pelagic Calcification and Export of Carbonate Production in Climate Change (PEACE)

Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment (MEECE)

Pelagic Ecosystem CO2 Enrichment Study (PEECE)

EPOCA Arctic Campaign 2009

Biodiversity of Open Ocean Microcalcifiers (BOOM)

Last updated: April 29, 2010