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Monitoring Ocean Chemistry

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AOML Ocean & Climate

PMEL CO2 Program

Mechanisms Controlling Upper Ocean Carbon Fluxes in the North Pacific (Emerson, Eriksen, Letelier, Quay)

Evaluation and Adaptation of an Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor for Seawater pH Applications (Martz)

An autonomous indicator-based pH sensor for oceanographic research and monitoring (Dickson, DeGrandpre, Beck)

A sulfur hexafluoride section in the North Pacific Ocean: Application of a dual tracer approach (Sonnerup, Mecking)

Validation of the B/Ca proxy for surface seawater pH and application to measure anthropogenic ocean acidification (Hoenisch)

Purification and Calibration of Indicators for Measurement of Seawater pH (Byrne, Liu, Yao)

Autonomous pH and alkalinity sensors: In situ testing and carbon cycle research (DeGrandpre, Langdon, Hales)

Ocean Acidification of the Greater Caribbean Region 1999 - 2009 (Morse)

Last updated: April 29, 2010