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Annual Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment: October 20 - November 7, 2014

Dear Benefit Eligible WHOI Employees:

This year's Open Enrollment will take place from October 20 to November 7, 2014

Open Enrollment provides us with an excellent opportunity to re-familiarize ourselves with the many great benefits WHOI provides.  It is also your once-a-year opportunity to enroll in or make changes to your core benefit plans for Medical and Dental coverage, as well as participate in the Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account for the upcoming year.  It is important to remind you that decisions made during Open Enrollment are generally binding for the entire year and cannot be changed until next year's Open Enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying event that allows for benefit changes during the year.  If this happens, you MUST notify the Human Resource Department of such a change within 30 days of the qualifying event date. 

As always, we will kick-off our annual Open Enrollment with WHOI's Annual Benefits, Health and Wellness Fair on Monday, October 20th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Clark 507.  At this year’s event, we will again be holding a special onsite Flu Clinic beginning at 9:00 a.m. (free for Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Massachusetts members).  At the Fair, attendees will be able to meet directly with all of our benefits vendors.  This is a great opportunity to ask the experts and learn about the many benefits programs provided by WHOI.  We hope to see you there!

Open Enrollment Deadline - November 7, 2014
Employees will now be required to access their employee online accounts to complete an online enrollment form to establish their elections for WHOI medical, dental, flexible spending benefits, and childcare subsidy for 2015.  The information will flow electronically to HR, where it will be approved and processed.  There are some exceptions.  Postdoc Fellows, Scholars, Joint Program Students and Postdoc Investigators (on a J1 visa) will be required to submit a paper Open Enrollment form.  Marine Crew as well as Alvin and SSSG Employees who do not have access to a computer will also be required to submit paper enrollment forms. 

Instructions for Completing the Open Enrollment Form Online in Employee Online

Access your Employee Online account through the WHOI website or click the following link:

Employee Online Account Login

Once you've accessed your Employee Online account, please refer to the left side navigation screen and click on Open Enrollment form under the Open Enrollment section.  Your name and WHOI ID will populate at the top of the Open Enrollment form.  A "Load Current Coverage" button has been added to the top right of the form.  This will populate the form with your current elections.  Review the form and after navigating through the Employee Approval section make sure all information is completed, and if you need to communicate with HR, there is a "Notes to HR/Approver" section at the bottom of the form. Before selecting SUBMIT you may wish to print the form for your reference.  If there is an issue with your elections a warning box will appear referring to the section(s) that requires your attention.  If you complete the form and decide you want to change your elections you may reset the form using the CLEAR button at the bottom of the form.  Once selecting SUBMIT you will receive a system generated email from which confirms receipt of your coverage for 2015.  Once HR has reviewed and approved your elections, you will receive a second email from indicating your elections have been updated.  

If you are adding/deleting dependents, you must complete the Family Information Screen in Employee Online before submitting the form.  You can find the family screen at top by clicking back to the Finance Dashboard.  

If you need to register for an Employee Online account or need to request a password reset please click on the following link:

Employee Online Account Requests

To enroll in benefits or make changes to your benefit plans for 2015 the information must be submitted to Human Resources by Friday, November 7, 2014!

Trisha Maloney
Human Resources, Benefits Manager

Last updated: October 20, 2014