Human Resources


Six Month Provisional Period
All newly hired non-exempt employees are considered provisional until they have satisfactorily completed six months of employment with the Institution. A review may be conducted by your supervisor following your six months of employment in order to evaluate performance and assess your match to the position. If you have questions regarding the duties and expectations of your position, be sure to touch base with your supervisor. It is better to clear up any confusion earlier on, rather than waiting until the formal review.
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Annual Performance Evaluations:
Formal performance evaluations for all employees are conducted on an annual basis. Generally, information regarding the performance evaluation process is sent to departments in the fall, with all evaluations due back to Human Resources by the end of October.
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Merit Increases
On an annual basis, the Directorate and Human Resources will evaluate internal and external compensation and economic information to determine the Institution's position and, if appropriate, will establish guidelines for merit increases.

A cut-off hire date will be established as part of the process to identify those employees considered as 'new hires.' This date is typically at least four months prior to the merit increase effective date. Separate merit increase guidelines will be set for new hires.

As the performance evaluation is the most important part of any merit-based salary program, no merit increase will be given unless the formal annual evaluation has taken place.

Last updated: March 25, 2008