Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How should I submit my resume?
A. Once you have reviewed the current job openings and identified a position that matches your qualifications, you will be able to apply on-line. For most of our positions, you must complete an on-line application and submit your resume on-line. To apply for a position on our Scientific Staff (tenure-track) or Postdoctoral Investigator positions, you must complete an on-line application, but will be directed to e-mail your curriculum vitae, research statement, list of publications, and list of references.

Q. If I submit my resume on-line, should I also mail in a hard copy?
A. No, if you submit your resume on-line, you should not also mail in a hard copy.

Q. How do I know that you received my on-line application?
A. Once you have submitted an on-line application, an email will be generated verifying your submission. The receipt of this email is your confirmation that we have received your on-line application.

Q. What happens to my on-line application once I submit it?

A. Your background and qualifications will be reviewed and you may be contacted for further information by an Employment Services Specialist or the hiring department. We receive on-line applications from many qualified applicants and regret that we are not always able to provide ongoing information on the status of an on-line application once it has been forwarded to the hiring department.

Q. When will I hear back from WHOI?
A. Please understand that processing and review times can vary. However, once your on-line application has been received by HR, you will receive an email acknowledgement. After your on-line application has been reviewed by HR and/or the hiring department, a couple of things could happen. You may be contacted by an Employment Services Specialist or the hiring department to make arrangements for an interview. Or, you may receive an email notifying you that you have not been selected for the position you applied for.

Q. If a job was posted a while ago and remains on the web site, is it really still open?
A. Yes. We update the job postings list frequently. If a job is listed on our web site, it is considered open unless it specifies that “applications are no longer being accepted.” For a variety of reasons, some jobs take longer to fill than others.

Q. Is there someone I can contact to follow up with regarding my interest at WHOI?
A. If you have questions or would like to speak with one of our Employment Services Specialists about your interest in working at WHOI, please email us at

Q. May I contact the hiring department to find out more about the job?
A. The hiring departments prefer that you do not contact them directly. All communications should be routed through the Employment Services Specialists.

Q. What should I do if I want to withdraw my resume?>
A. You should contact us at and request that your on-line application be withdrawn from consideration. If you have applied for multiple positions, please be sure to specify whether or not you want to be withdrawn from consideration for all the positions you applied for or just certain ones.

Q. How are starting salaries determined?
A. Our compensation program does not include formal salary ranges. Salaries for WHOI jobs are based on benchmark studies. In most cases, the typical hiring range is 80-90% of a benchmark salary that is determined by these studies. If you are the final candidate for a position, your background will be compared to other incumbents as part of an analysis for equity purposes. If you have specific salary requirements, you should indicate that when applying on-line.

Q. Can I apply for a WHOI position if I live outside the United States? If so, how do I find out about visa arrangements?
A. WHOI is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes foreign applicants. If you are a foreign national and are offered a position at WHOI, our Foreign National Advisor will be able to assist you with visa arrangements.

Last updated: January 24, 2008