2012 Annual Report

Research Departments

Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

The Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering (AOPE) Department is a unique collection of scientists, engineers, technical support personnel and students conducting research into ocean processes from the turbulent surf zone to the abyssal depths.


The overall goal of research in the Biology Department is to gain a better understanding of the ecology and evolutionary biology of living organisms in the sea.

Geology & Geophysics

Research in the Department of Geology and Geophysics (G&G) encompasses earth and ocean processes: from the formation of ocean crust and ocean basins, to the underlying dynamics of plate tectonics and deep earth mantle geochemistry, to climate change and its relation to present and past ocean circulation and coastal environments.

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Scientists within the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (MC&G) Department seek to understand the processes that drive chemical cycling in the ocean, and to learn how ocean chemistry influences and responds to biological activity and climate on Earth, both today and in the past.

Physical Oceanography

Researchers in the Physical Oceanography (PO) Department seek to describe and understand the physical structure and variability of the ocean and the processes that determine that structure and variability.