Ruth Curry

came to Woods Hole in 1979 looking for an adventure and found it tied up at the pier: the Sea Education Association's (SEA) 100' schooner, R/V Westward. The 6 weeks at sea in the Sea Semester program (W-52) changed her life. When the ship returned to Woods Hole, she found work as a research assistant in the science labs, volunteering to go to sea as often as possible. Exposure to WHOI's academic environment over next three decades, and continued experience at sea, allowed her to pursue her curiosity about how the ocean works -- despite the lack of a formal graduate degree.

Carolina NobreCarolina Nobre

is a research associate and works mainly with the acquisition and processing of ctd data. She has been working with observational physical oceanography since 2006 when she obtained her bachelor's degree in oceanography. Her master's degree allowed her to further explore climatological and model-derived data sets in order to better understand large-scale ocean processes. She is particularly interested  in data processing and visualization, allowing her to better understand different oceanographic processes.  


Ruth Curry sampling in GreenlandLeah Trafford

arrived at WHOI in September 2010 after receiving her B.S. in both physics and math. Excited about working with state-of-the-art instruments, she loves processing and developing code for Moored Profilers, High-Resolution Profilers, and CTDs. Leah is particularly enthused by studying mixing and transformation of water masses. And of course, she is keen on venturing out to sea.